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World-renowned Founders

Terem Crossover Music Week is a brainchild of Terem Quartet – the ensemble from St.Petersburg, known worldwide as pioneers of crossover music who masterfully combine styles and genres in their creative work. Founders of the world’s first crossover music competition and the Russia’s most recognized folk-instruments group, Terem Quartet collaborates with and unites musicians of all kinds, building bridges between classical, jazz, rock, and world-music, setting connections between traditions and cultures. On the eve of the ensemble’s 30-th anniversary, Terem Quartet finds its current mission in sharing their knowledge and experience with the younger generation of musicians.


Terem Crossover Music Week was born with that particular purpose as an intensive educational course for growing musicians. Designed initially as a domestic program and held annually since 2011, it has already attracted hundreds of talented instrumentalists and vocalists from all over Russia – from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka peninsula.

In 2016, the TCMW for the first time opens its doors to the international audience. We’re very happy to invite young and enthusiastic musicians aged between 15 and 21, from anywhere in the world, to come along and take part in this exciting musical adventure!

Unique Program

The TCMW program is based on a distinct approach to the process of learning and tuition. It allows musicians of different traditions and instruments not only to meet each other and make creative alliances, but to obtain a unique musical experience capable of expanding horizons and transforming minds.

The program consists of two basic components:

Musical Training

Musical Training includes work in various ensemble and orchestra settings. Participants are involved in an intensive practice, which covers the full process of creation of a music composition, from the moment of its first introduction, to the concert performance on the same day.

mus training

Each day, one particular music style can be chosen to work on: Classical, Traditional, Jazz, Pop, etc.

An integral part of Musical Training are Rhythm & Improvisation workshops that help students obtain useful knowledge on how to exercise their psycho-physical coordination and feel deeper connection between mind and body, through a series of practical lessons designed specifically for young musicians.

ритм и импро гор 3

Classes are led by a team of high-class musicians and experienced mentors, well-recognized in their fields (see Faculty)

Artistic Development

Artistic Development is a broad concept which implies a wide range of disciplines that can be included in the intensive week’s curriculum. All of them together are aimed for a many-sided development of artistic potential, while each one individually affects the most important aspects of personal and artistic growth. Some of the possible disciplines are*:

Art Therapy
Artist Management
Sound design


* The actual curriculum may include not all of the disciplines mentioned above. The exact timetable will be announced later.

Powerful Method

The entire work is designed based on the original method developed by the TCMW team. It gives students a powerful impetus for creativity and creates perfect conditions for it.

The method:
– increases self-esteem and confidence of a young musician, making him/her feel thirst for creative activity;
– takes away the fear of mistakes – one of the main anxieties of a young musician;
– gives an opportunity to feel the main and the most important basic state of a true and well-established musician: joy and pleasure of playing on stage. Makes it an internal need to feel the joy of ‘I got it’ and to share this joy with the audience;
– powerfully expands horizons and enriches one’s own musical language, through acquaintance with different styles and musicians;
– creates a bridge between generations of musicians and enables the younger ones to get shared an invaluable experience from recognized and well-established professionals, through working and playing together.


Excellent Location

Terem Crossover Music Week will be held in one of the most peaceful and beautiful parts of Europe, in Finland. The country known as a ‘Land of a Thousand Lakes’ (it has nearly 190,000 lakes!) and covered with beautiful forests, Finland successfully blends together benefits of modern technologies and living in harmony with nature. Its convenient location within the EU and developed transport systems make it easy to travel to, for everyone.

The TCMW will take place in  Imatran Kylpylä Spa, a hotel and Spa-resort located in a picturesque corner by the Finland’s biggest lake Saimaa, in the town of Imatra.


Friendly Environment

Recreational activities, such as football, outdoor swimming in the blue Lake Saimaa, or daily SPA procedures will relieve tension and restore energy, while friendly and non-competitive atmosphere, mixed with inspiration, encouragement and comprehensive support, will help everyone fully discover their creative potential, making the 9-day TCMW a truly unforgettable event!


See Admissions to learn how to apply!

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